Grit, not talent, determines success

Grit: the ability and determination to stand in the face of adversity; ability and willingness to fail and learn from great mistakes. The confidence to admit wrongdoing and adapt to your surroundings.

These are just a few commonly accepted examples and definitions of grit. I chose to write about grit this month because I think it is critical to lean on it during times of high stress. I am going to link a TED Talk here that explains the importance of grit in order to persevere. Angela Lee Duckworth presents findings on grit and where we are currently with understanding where it comes from, and she provides a few examples of how to foster it within yourself and others. While she presents from a parent/teacher/child relationship, the message is constant: success does not come from talent, it comes from grit, and in order to foster grit we must be willing to fail, lose, and make mistakes so we can learn from what went wrong and make ourselves better for having experienced the failure.

The clip is a powerful 6 minutes--give yourself permission to process what is being said and consider how you can fail in a most fantastic way to subsequently become a greater version of yourself.